Friday, June 1, 2012

A Great Morning!

I was on my GAME this morning! Woo hoo!
Started off with two and a half hours in a second grade class, whose teacher is very good, but very intimidating...Things ran pretty smoothly, and she came back in to see a class more-or-less working quietly, me working with students, and the morning's work looked over and corrected and waiting on her desk. She seemed impressed by that, yay!
Switched to third grade after my lunch and not five minutes into the lunch wave, I turned to see a third grader in another class throw up a little into his lap and on the floor. Ran over, motioned for the amazing custodian we have, and ushered him to the nurse with as little fuss as I could, since he was a real sweetie and I knew he got upset easily. There was a sub nurse in so he was definitely going to be sent home, so I had a kid from his class volunteer to help me gather his things (another sweet kid!) The lady who was subbing for them was grateful, and apparently didn't even see it go down...just reaffirms my belief that I have "vomit radar".....
Afternoon was a bit insane but overall okay...and judging by the expression on the first grader teacher's face from across the hall, it was like that for everyone--she even broke out a whistle at bus time since the halls were too loud! Hero.

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