Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The View From Certification Land

Well, it's been a while since I posted on this blog. Since my last post, I finished student teaching, worked the rest of the year at my school as the building sub (including three different long term sub assignments, all in third grade, two in one class, March and May), spent the entire summer applying in just about every school district I could find, went on four interviews that showed improvement but led nowhere, and got called up by the new principal of my school to be the building sub again this year.
So here I sit, currently in the computer lab while I wait for the next class to come in...I've still been applying for jobs here and there, a few long term, but some actual positions, including one in my hometown. It's only the second month of school, and while I find my confidence in my own abilities growing, I still really just want my own classroom. I think I have one more year of subbing in me, then I'm going to NEED a LTS or classroom for next year...or preferably sooner. I absolutely love my school--the staff, the students, they're just wonderful--but I have so many ideas and the whole not knowing what I'm doing each day and being all over the's just not working.
I have been adding to my resume, however. A few weeks ago, my summer boss/former swim coach approached me about coaching for the age group swim team. It's my third week (tonight, in fact, is the one night I'm coaching this week) and I'm in charge of 9&10 girls for the meets. I like it, even though some nights are tougher than others. We already had our intersquad meets, which I really enjoyed, and our first real meet is mid-November.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 31, Takeover Day 1

First day of full takeover and I get my first frantic parent email about forgotten homework.

That's gotta be some kind of record, right?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PD Day #1

Student teaching Day: (i)

So today was our first real staff day at my school. It mostly involved some work in the room, meeting with the principal about CMT scores, and PD on conferencing in writer's workshop.
It was fantastic to get back to BES. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I got so many hugs!! It both felt like no time had gone by and like I hadn't seen everyone in forever. There were a few sad absences, people who were moved to different schools, retired, or weren't there due to health reasons.
My CT and I so far seem to work well together. She's very fun and laid back, and knows her stuff. Our class is pretty good, only a few students that I'm a bit nervous about, and plenty that I'm very excited to get to work with.

It's really strange to not be the intern anymore. One of the ladies who subbed last year is the new UB intern, and the girl covering the maternity leave next door will become the building sub once that's over.

All in all, it was a successful day. Hopefully the same thing is true for the rest of these next 12 weeks! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Student Teaching Countdown

17 days!! I can't believe it, 17 days until summer is over and I start student teaching. That's crazy. Summer has just FLOWN by, with work and vacation...but now I've basically got these next few weeks free to mentally prepare, catch up on sleep, and organize my life. Our student teaching seminar is on August 24, but they have all the information up on the separate ST Blackboard site, so I've been perusing them to get a better idea what will be covered.

It's just so strange, we had a family party last night and all the cousins were talking about when they go back to school, and I'm like adding in my day to start, but it's not in the same sense because I'm not taking any classes in the general, I'm gonna be on the teacher side for real now. I can only imagine what that's going to feel like when I'm a full-blown teacher, getting ready to have my own classroom. Gahhhh. It's all starting to hit me!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Applications?

So swim lessons started yesterday. It's my seventh year teaching them, but (and I may take this back later, when we're not only two days in haha) I cannot believe how easy it is coming to me this year. And I know I've got the internship to thank.
Granted, there is still the scramble for enough material to teach over eight 50-minute sessions, especially with the lower levels...but the interactions, the management, the banter--it feels almost effortless. We have fantastic classes but still...I'm completely confident, even with all the parents sitting around watching yesterday. And it feels GREAT. Yet another unforeseen advantage of the internship; so glad I got to experience that program!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And It's Done

Welp, my internship is over.
I can't believe it...a whole school year just FLEW by! I'm going to miss all the staff and students, but wow is it nice to be done. Now I've just got two more Monday classes (and just a take-home final) to go before I'm done, boom, Master's degree, all I've got left is student teaching. Because, oh yeah, also PASSED FOUNDATIONS OF READING WOOO!


Friday, June 1, 2012

A Great Morning!

I was on my GAME this morning! Woo hoo!
Started off with two and a half hours in a second grade class, whose teacher is very good, but very intimidating...Things ran pretty smoothly, and she came back in to see a class more-or-less working quietly, me working with students, and the morning's work looked over and corrected and waiting on her desk. She seemed impressed by that, yay!
Switched to third grade after my lunch and not five minutes into the lunch wave, I turned to see a third grader in another class throw up a little into his lap and on the floor. Ran over, motioned for the amazing custodian we have, and ushered him to the nurse with as little fuss as I could, since he was a real sweetie and I knew he got upset easily. There was a sub nurse in so he was definitely going to be sent home, so I had a kid from his class volunteer to help me gather his things (another sweet kid!) The lady who was subbing for them was grateful, and apparently didn't even see it go down...just reaffirms my belief that I have "vomit radar".....
Afternoon was a bit insane but overall okay...and judging by the expression on the first grader teacher's face from across the hall, it was like that for everyone--she even broke out a whistle at bus time since the halls were too loud! Hero.