Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The View From Certification Land

Well, it's been a while since I posted on this blog. Since my last post, I finished student teaching, worked the rest of the year at my school as the building sub (including three different long term sub assignments, all in third grade, two in one class, March and May), spent the entire summer applying in just about every school district I could find, went on four interviews that showed improvement but led nowhere, and got called up by the new principal of my school to be the building sub again this year.
So here I sit, currently in the computer lab while I wait for the next class to come in...I've still been applying for jobs here and there, a few long term, but some actual positions, including one in my hometown. It's only the second month of school, and while I find my confidence in my own abilities growing, I still really just want my own classroom. I think I have one more year of subbing in me, then I'm going to NEED a LTS or classroom for next year...or preferably sooner. I absolutely love my school--the staff, the students, they're just wonderful--but I have so many ideas and the whole not knowing what I'm doing each day and being all over the's just not working.
I have been adding to my resume, however. A few weeks ago, my summer boss/former swim coach approached me about coaching for the age group swim team. It's my third week (tonight, in fact, is the one night I'm coaching this week) and I'm in charge of 9&10 girls for the meets. I like it, even though some nights are tougher than others. We already had our intersquad meets, which I really enjoyed, and our first real meet is mid-November.

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