Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PD Day #1

Student teaching Day: (i)

So today was our first real staff day at my school. It mostly involved some work in the room, meeting with the principal about CMT scores, and PD on conferencing in writer's workshop.
It was fantastic to get back to BES. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I got so many hugs!! It both felt like no time had gone by and like I hadn't seen everyone in forever. There were a few sad absences, people who were moved to different schools, retired, or weren't there due to health reasons.
My CT and I so far seem to work well together. She's very fun and laid back, and knows her stuff. Our class is pretty good, only a few students that I'm a bit nervous about, and plenty that I'm very excited to get to work with.

It's really strange to not be the intern anymore. One of the ladies who subbed last year is the new UB intern, and the girl covering the maternity leave next door will become the building sub once that's over.

All in all, it was a successful day. Hopefully the same thing is true for the rest of these next 12 weeks! :)

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