Monday, August 13, 2012

Student Teaching Countdown

17 days!! I can't believe it, 17 days until summer is over and I start student teaching. That's crazy. Summer has just FLOWN by, with work and vacation...but now I've basically got these next few weeks free to mentally prepare, catch up on sleep, and organize my life. Our student teaching seminar is on August 24, but they have all the information up on the separate ST Blackboard site, so I've been perusing them to get a better idea what will be covered.

It's just so strange, we had a family party last night and all the cousins were talking about when they go back to school, and I'm like adding in my day to start, but it's not in the same sense because I'm not taking any classes in the general, I'm gonna be on the teacher side for real now. I can only imagine what that's going to feel like when I'm a full-blown teacher, getting ready to have my own classroom. Gahhhh. It's all starting to hit me!!

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