Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grade 3, Day 1

10:40 am
So far, so good!
The morning went excellent--better than I could have hoped! Of course, there were some minor instances of chattiness, but kids will be kids, and a lot of it was productive for the Language Arts lesson. The web on the board was a big hit--the topic was "Ways Neighbors Help" during things like natural disasters. I started by activating prior knowledge and experiences (thank you, UB teachers!) and asking about how they helped or were helped during the October 2011 blizzard. Then, we thought up ways to fill in the web bubbles, and even the students who weren't participating before were practically jumping out of their seats at the chance to write on the board. This is definitely a class that doesn't like to sit still, I've gotta remember that.
The classroom management behavior strip and star chart has been pretty successful so far. A few students are a bit too concerned about where they are on the line in that it may be distracting them a bit, so I've tried to do it unobtrusively. Worth it when one of the quiet kids lights up upon realizing they've bumped up a slot! They've earned a star so far, and I think it'll work out that each kid should have a chance to put one up, meaning I've started a sticky note record of who's gone up, to be fair.
We made a deal that the quietest person in line to and from PE gets to put the next star up--if we get a good report from the PE teacher--AND move up a slot. They were so quiet in the halls and even waiting for the first grade class to leave the gym. Definitely effective.
The math lesson is pretty short, so we'll have time to finish any LA work that wasn't done. I corrected a few mistakes on those that finished the worksheets, so those can be fixed as well. Then we're reviewing what factors are and doing a workbook page together. If there's extra time I may have an impromptu Reading Zone, depending on the energy level of the class...could be disastrous, especially if we have indoor recess. It's dry out now, but there's a lot of rain clouds, so who knows how long that will last?
As of now, I'm feeling pretty okay about covering for these three days. We're already almost half way through the first, AND we have another special in the afternoon. Having the latest lunch kinda stinks, but it means that once you get there, you don't have much day left. Here's just hoping it's outdoor recess!!!

1:11 pm
Ughh SO CLOSE to outdoor recess...we made it out for about ten minutes before it started pouring and there was a mad scramble inside. Now they are absolutely insane in indoor recess...well, just a few of the boys. Just made my opinion on that perfectly clear, and it appears to have stopped.
This afternoon we've got just two half hour's around our Computers special, then dismissal. For the first half hour after recess, we're writing the final drafts of our Mother's Day poems, and making Mother's Day cards. Then before dismissal is finishing up anything that's not done and cursive A if time.

Dismissal was insanity but I kinda expected that. All in all, not a bad first day!

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